Project Details

Royaad is an online learning moderation system which provides users with a simple online learning experience. The main focus of Royaad is on graphic-related topics like animation, 3D, game development, character design, graphic design, etc. There are different type of users in royaad including:

Each of those have its unique dashboard with different features and capabilities. The front-side of the website is empowered with features like:

Students can register in courses by direct purchasing or ordering a subscription plan which provides them access to any course during their subscription. They can register in pre-recorded courses or online events called workshops. Royaad will provide them with a portfolio to show their sample works. Each course has a dedicated forum for discussion with other students about lessons in their course. They can also ask their questions directly from their teacher or mentors of the course. Their panel provides an easy experience of enrollment in their course, watching the lessons, and submitting assignments. Teachers and mentors have also their dedicated panels for moderating their courses, and answering questions.

Moderators, administrators, and other users with admin roles have a full control on the site with many reports in form of graphs and excel files. The front-side of the site can be created by them using a built-in page builder, and mega menu builder. They have full control on managing courses, workshops, pages, blog posts, works, comments, invoices, payments, tickets, site settings, etc. Visits statistics, lessons views by students, performance of mentors and teachers in checking assignments and answering questions, sale reports of courses, bulk actions like bulk messaging and wallet charging are examples of other features in admins' panels.

Royaad is completely developed by Shahinsoft from scratch based on Laravel, and Bootstrap. Supporting server configurations of this site is done for three years using technologies like Nginx and PHP-FPM. In addition to the website, mobile and desktop applications of Royaad is also developed by our team.

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